Twenty and Seven

Today was my birthday. I celebrated most of it yesterday with my two best friends, playing games, having drinks, making fun of movies, and just all around having a good time. Today, I worked but got a lot of well-wishes from friends. I spent my evening doing nothing out of the ordinary. This seems to be the theme of a lot of my birthdays of late. Nothing special on the day of. I guess that's just my lot. Or maybe it's a side of getting older?

I didn't really HAVE anything of use to post here. I posted because it's my birthday. I always post on my birthday. I don't feel any older. But I do feel old. Once in a while anyways. It's a side-effect of working with a bunch of 21 year olds. I'm just too old for those shinanegans anymore.

Maybe I've forgotten how to have fun. How do you tell the difference between your idea of fun mellowing out and actually forgetting how to HAVE real fun? I do feel like I should be having MORE fun than I am. But I'm not exactly bored when I AM having fun.

Random thoughts are random. I'm going to bed early for my birthday.

..after a birthday shot. Jager.


Will 2: The Returninating

It has been suggested that I perhaps don't post enough in this forum. And thus I return to the stage, eagerly seeking my captive audience of adoring fans, diligently awaiting my arrival they knew would one day come.

Not a lot of change in my life over the past few months, but I figured I could at least speak of my vacation that I've recently taken.

Two weeks ago, yours truely jumped a plane to the party capital of the United States: Detroit, Michigan. From there I traveled to a small city called Chelsea where I stayed in a house with a friend from World of Warcraft. Shortly thereafter, the house was flooded with 20 or 30 other friends from the game as well as their friends and Awesome ensued.

Board games, card games, video games, mind games, you name it and it was there and it was played. Not to mention obligatory drinking and the hilarity associated with such action. It was possibly the most fun weekend I've ever had in my life. If it wasn't, then it was definately up there. I've made some life-long friendships out of this damn game and it just cements them further to spend so much quality time with them in real life.

Also, I must say, that I LOVE to travel. I could get used to the lifestyle of airport hopping, getting some writing done on the planes and shmoozing up random strangers in the airports, learning all about new people and having drinks at the bars. I love it.

Upon my return to Seattle, my ride from the airport gets a flat tire, stranding us in the pooring rain on I-5 trying to change it. If not for the aid of a passing police officer, we may never have gotten that damn tire on. We were laughing about it shortly afterwards, though, and it'll be a memory my friend and I will remember fondly in an odd manner.

The next two days were spent up in Bellingham, visiting my folks and playing with my dogs whom I miss very much. Not much to comment on here, except that DAMN I miss my dogs.

After that came last Thursday where I attended NorWesCon 33. I stayed in the depths of BFE in the 5000 party wing. chaoselemental was my roomate and we worked out some good times, attending parties in the evenings and going our separate ways during the day. I sat in on several writing panels that were very interesting and I think are going to aid my writing endevors immensely.

The event ended on an unusual note when swingsyren who was also rooming with us that night got her drink drugged at a party. She got herself out and contacted myself and chaoselemental and we took turns taking care of her throughout the night. She made it through just fine in the end, just lots of puking. The next day her needs were looked after until she was rested enough to go home. It worked out well in the long run but "not-awesome" was the phrase of the evening at the time.

Definately a memorable few weeks for me. I just wish I'd taken more pictures than video.

And with that, I have updated about my life. Be satisfied.
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Contemplative Will

My Thanks

I am thankful for my Father, who has spent countless years teaching me how to be a smart man, who can think of himself and DO for himself. Without him, I would have have the stability and self-sufficiency that I do now.

I am thankful for my Mother, who has always been there for me when the times were rough. Without her, I wouldn't have the heart that I do or the patience to see things through.

I am thankful for my Brothers, who have never let me down and have always surprised me with their support and wisdom over the years. Without them, I wouldn't have learned the lessons that have made me into a man I can be proud of in my adult life.

I am thankful for my late Grandmother, who's endless love and kindness were life-long lessons in how to forgive. Without her, I never would have pushed myself past the lowest moment of my life and walked the long, hard path to redemption.

I am thankful for my Dogs, who's neverending childishness and affection are never lost on me. Without them, I would likely forget what it's like to be truely and unfalteringly loved by any being.

I am thankful for one nameless person, who's simple lessons and actions taught me more in a year's time than I've learned from possibly anyone else before. Without her, I wouldn't have learned what I truely want out of life and deserve out of a partner.

I am thankful for my two best friends, who are shining examples of the very truest definition of the word 'Friend'. Without them, I would never have learned to believe in myself and be adventurous in the world.

Without these things, I would never have become what I am today. I have my faults, and they are not few. But I am still proud of who I am. And I will continue to be proud as long as I remember the lessons I have been taught by these people in my life. Thank you one and all.
Bad Apple


Folks, I hold in my hand... brand spankin new, unopened Rammstein.

That's right. Rammstein.

I'ma go listen. Review later!
Sexy Will

(no subject)

Been a while since I've posted. Not too much new of late to say, but figured I'd drop a quick hello before I jet off to work.

For those who haven't seen it, Dethklok in concert is AMAZING. Also new Rammstein album out on the 20th! Hurray for Metal month!

Wow, I really hoped I'd have more to say than that, but it's all I've got. Cheers!